3 simple tips to apply display protection to your Apple Watch!

You bought an Apple apple watch, given its purchase price, you are almost afraid to use it because you don’t want to scratch its display😱.

apple watch display protection

Well, then there are no other solutions: you absolutely have to buy a specific protective film , the new films are highly repellent and protective hydrogel technology, for Apple watch and apply it to the Apple screen to protect it from dust, accidental drops, and other dangers. There are all kinds of them on the market – opaque, glossy, tempered glass, etc. – and, in addition to being quite cheap, they do not compromise the reactivity of the touch-screen at all.

How do you say? Have you heard of them before, but have your friends told you that they are very difficult to apply?

Evidently, they did not properly follow the instructions provided by the various film manufacturers and allowed air bubbles to form inside them, which made them useless, if not downright harmful as regards the usability of the device. If you want, I can give you a hand and avoid you taking the same risk by explaining how to apply the protective film on Apple apple watch correctly.
Inside the package that will be delivered directly to your home, it will be possible to observe, in addition to the film: two small “pieces” of paper, the first soaked in a liquid and the other completely dry; and practical sticks, useful in the pre-application phase of the film.

    • Preliminarily clean our Apple apple watch!
      The first operation you need to perform to apply the protective film is to clean the screen of the device using the equipment you found. To proceed, turn off your Apple apple watch and disconnect it from any power source (to avoid damaging it irreparably). Then take it out of its case (if you are using one) and remove the protective film from the screen (if you have already applied one).

    • Remove piece number 1 from its wrapping, that is the one soaked in the cleaning liquid (wet-wet) and gently wipe it on the display of our Apple apple watch.

    • At the end of the previous point, also extract the second piece number 2, namely the dry one (dry-dry), and dry the excess liquid left on the Apple apple watch display.

  • At this point, it will be necessary to use the sticks present in the package to permanently remove the last grains of dust left on the screen, applying them over and over again on the surface on which the film will later be applied.
    Apply calmly and abundantly the “tempered glass” on the panel of our Apple watch, taking care to make it fit perfectly with any buttons on it.


  • Finally, at the end of the procedure described, we will have the simplest task: helping us with a plastic card and a cloth to be placed between it and the film just applied, we try to “get out” the air bubbles created, pushing them outwards. Alternatively, you can use your own fingers.
    Hoping to have been of help🤗, we invite you to visit our section entirely dedicated to the apple watch!