10 thoughts on “3rd Party Solo Loop Bands are SUPERIOR!

  1. Kwarkoo Coxs says:

    I purchased the green braided Apple solo loop with my gold Apple Watch 6. It’s looks and feels fantastic.

    I loved it so much that I wanted to purchase another one for my version 4 silver but avoid the Apple tax.
    I purchased many colours of fake braided loop and settled for a “black” braided loop. It was 98% indistinguishable from the original. The loop patterns was slightly different only if you had them side by side and nit picked the hell out of it.
    The metal clasp was slightly lose so I put a thin transparent tape on one side of the clasp and it was a perfect fit.
    I like it so much I purchased another one for my gold watch and left the green solo loop in the draw for weeks.

  2. Ayaan Ahmad says:

    hey bro love your video! just curious what size did you get for the 3rd party band. my wrist is also an 8 on the apple size thing and I was curious if you recommend small or medium size.

  3. Toney Mitchell says:

    While I do buy third party Amazon bands, I find that there is a significant difference from those cheap bands and the actual Apple products. The quality over quantity, I’d rather get the better product then, a bunch of cheap ones that aren’t as nice. I usually get the cheap ones for color options that aren’t available through Apple and the sizing tool I did try the measure and drop down one size method. It was totally wrong. The measuring tool actually got my correct size. So I guess results will vary.

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