4 practical straps bands for Samsung 2021

Samsung’s new smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic bring home many new changes.

Samsung smartwatches

Although Samsung switched to WearOS from Google, it still retained the original look and design of the watches. And like its predecessors, the bands can easily be replaced by another. All you have to do is pull back the quick release pins and attach the straps, and that’s it!
The ability to replace the watch straps according to your preferences gives you the flexibility to choose a strap according to your choice. You can switch to a silicone strap or a leather strap during training. And once you’re done using it, you can go back to a leather belt. Beautiful, is not it?

  • Let’s start immediately with a great classic, the chromed steel strap and colored by electro-coloring… its peculiarity lies in maintaining its brilliance for a long time, it is a strap that matches elegantly in any context, equipped with quick release and available in many colors and sizes, also equipped with tools to remove the shirts, it is always a perfect gift idea.


  • Another strap that is very successful is that in liquid silicone, a material that has become available for a few years and landed on the straps recently, its particularity is its great softness to the touch and incredible resistance, completely hypoallergenic, this model in particular, according to the manufacturer, it is made with 40% recycled silicone, it is available in many cheerful colors and all the various sizes.
  • Another great classic is the leather strap, never banal and always elegant even on smartwatches. Equipped with a steel closure and buckle, a simple but very elegant model that can be used at 360 degrees.
  • Last but not least is the PRO Resistant model, a completely different strap in the panorama, in fact, the strap also collects the burglary of the watch creating a resistant armor, resistant to any impact. Made of silicone, it is worked to fit perfectly to your 40mm watch, it is available in 2 colors and it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, a strap for those looking for something different and usable in any context, both sporty and hiking. Definitely a nice gift.

4 practical ideas for Samsung bands, thanks for reading!