4 tricks for Apple ios 15 you probably don’t know!

IOS 15.1 brings a huge amount of new features, fixes several bugs, and makes the iPhone even more useful. But beyond the advertised news, it hides a swarm of small but ingenious improvements inside.

  •  1) FaceTime app is a favorite for video calling for iOS users.

To do this simply open the FaceTime app 👉 and the function to create a link. The sharing menu will open and you can send it to users via the services and social networks you want. Remember one very important thing, these FaceTime links are valid for both Android users as Windows users so that You can talk to whoever you want regardless of whether they are Apple users😊






  • 2) Copy any text from a photo!

If you take a photograph of some text and then go to the Photos app, you will be able to capture that text to copy, share and even translate if you wish. Here is a small example, a text in Italian, we copy it, and with the arrow on the right, we translate it into English! WOW😊













  • 3) Bring Safari to life with wallpaper!

Safari is one of the big beneficiaries of this new version of iOS. To simply add a photo or wallpaper to Safari we need to click on the Edit button that appears at the bottom of a new blank page in Safari. Within the Safari settings section, if we once again browse down we will see a good range of funds, and we can also put one from the photos.



  • 4) In the Notes you can now speed up the search with hashtags#️⃣!

The note application has undergone almost no restyling in terms of design, but it has integrated two extremely interesting features from which you are sure to obtain incredible performance.

Type “#” to add a Label to the note so that you can easily locate it
Type “@” And then add the username mention someone in the note and assign them a task. Basically, they are the same shortcuts that are usually used in other applications such as Twitter, Telegram, or WhatsApp, so in principle, it is quite intuitive.