4Tips for Choosing the Right Fitbit for your health

4Tips for Choosing the Right Fitbit for your health

Fitbit is probably one of the best-known smartwatch/fitness tracker brands and offers something for every type of health enthusiast. If you want to get started with a great value smartwatch, keep reading.

Fitbit offers a variety of fitness products in various form factors, all designed for different lifestyles and age groups. So, depending on whether you’re looking to start walking a little more each day or track your training progress over time, here’s what to consider when choosing the right Fitbit for you.

  • Fitbit Versa 2.

For Fitbit Versa Replacement Soft Silicone Band 16

While Ionic is technically the most premium product Fitbit offers, the Versa 2 is just a better and more complete device for most people. (Quite literally: The screen has rounded corners that fit and look better on most wrists.) The device comes with on-screen guided workouts, one-week battery life, Fitbit Pay, blood oxygen detection, waterproof to swimming, quick responses for text message entry, and sleep monitoring. The Versa 2 costs just under $ 200 and also features an OLED screen (compared to Ionic’s LCD screen), which makes the display much more vivid, bright, and defined.
The only flaw is the lack of integrated GPS, so you can run or ride a bike outdoors without a phone.

  • Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition.

fitbit charge3

Charge 3 Special Edition is arguably the best Fitbit for the middle of the road as the device is the only Fitbit tracker that also has advanced features designed for a smartwatch. Also included are Fitbit Pay, quick responses, always-on heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and a trial of swimming for $ 170. (But since the Charge 3 SE has been around for a while, you’ll probably be able to buy it for around $ 150.)

  • Fitbit Inspire HR.

Multiple strap options, including a metal mesh one, turn it into a more stylish bracelet than the workout classic. Due to its overall size, it is more suitable for the wrist of a smaller person, considering the slimmer profile.

For around $ 100, you get a fitness watch with a built-in heart rate monitor, five-day battery life, swim trial for scuba exercise, or pool/beach hikes. It’s a great tracker for both beginners and those who want a little more from their wearable without other features that may seem superfluous, like Fitbit Pay or internal music storage.

  • Fitbit Ace 2 / Inspire.

fitbit for kids

This smartwatch is designed for kids, with simple custom software. It features cartoonish faces to encourage the wearer to move periodically. Ace 2 is an Inspire with a modified interface and can be upgraded to become Inspire when they grow up. The tracker lacks features like quick responses and heart rate monitoring, but with a budget of $ 50 to $ 70, you can’t ask for more.

We have given a general overview, highlighting the most important aspects of the Fitbit, concluding, they are all excellent products, especially with a focus on the budget.

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