A couple of ideas for a fabulous Christmas with little expense!

A couple of ideas for a fabulous Christmas with little expense!

The most magical time of the year is approaching with about 50 days to go before Christmas🌲, and all the most important related holidays. We want to start with a series of simple posts and ideas for having a carefree party with friends and family. On the other hand, after all this tiring and particular period, we all need it!



A study by Dr. Steve McKeown, psychologist and founder of the McKeown Clinic, explained that immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of Christmas makes us maintain contact with the child in us, making the responsibilities and problems of adult life seem more distant: ” Although there may be a percentage of symptomatic reasons why someone obsessively wants to decorate the house in advance, in most cases they are nostalgic motivations or to resurrect the magic of Christmas. In a world full of stress and anxiety – explains the psychologist – the people associate what is related to Christmas with happiness, evoking strong feelings related to childhood. And therefore the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment in Christmas 2020 will dominate …

Let’s start with the possibility of decorating our outside, on the internet and in physical stores we have a lot of choices, the possibility of decorating the outdoor lights with decorations similar to this and that are an example, they create a warm and witty light, another very important factor is the entrance door, limiting yourself to something small can be good for the doors of the apartments, while for the villas a decoration that takes a good part of the length of the door is fine main, like this, or even put lights over the door, indicating a good omen.

This year we discovered that window stickers, now with 3D technology, are back in vogue, always in the Christmas theme, even here you can find some ideas … but this year the scepter will go to the sober and simple decoration inside the house …

follow us in the next post!😉