47 thoughts on “ALL of Apple’s Apple Watch Series 7 Bands!

  1. Matthew Garcia says:

    Cool video bro!
    Thank you sharing
    Much appreciated Appreciated the colors are more realized in the video compared to online
    Saved me a trip to the store..
    I loving that English Lavender and Abyss Blue 🙌🏾

  2. Attasit L. says:

    Finally I found this video review the leather bands, Because photos on website looks a little bit different from seeing in real, It would be nice to review when you are wearing those brands too, I’m interested to : Sequoia Green, Golden Brown and California Poppy(This is I found a lot of review already ) to compare which one I really like it. Well it’s kinda expensive so hard to decide.

    Thank you 😅😅😅

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