Apple Watch Braided Loop Review

On this evaluate video I check out the .

I lately received a brand new Apple Watch Version and my chosen was the solo loop in Inverness Inexperienced. After attempting on a few sizes on the Apple Retailer, I settled on a dimension 6, and it must be essentially the most snug watch I’ve tried.

Watch the video to see an unboxing, some shut ups, a draw back and a few comparisons.

Let me know your ideas under, is the Apple Watch well worth the price ticket to you?

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6 thoughts on “Apple Watch Braided Loop Review

  1. Lee Sherburn says:

    I’d definitely get one if the connectors fitted properly. I have the normal solo loop that I got with my new 6 and that is really comfy too. I may wait until my local Apple store opens to have a look for myself. Also I have contacted Apple about this to see if there are any plans to change the design on the connectors but no one within Apple Support knew anything!!

  2. Steven Edwards says:

    I like the Braided Solo Loop. It is more comfortable than any other watch band I've ever tried. I purchased the charcoal color and the Inverness green color and really like them both.

  3. Michael Koenig says:

    Is it comfortable when it gets wet after getting out of the shower? I never pay any attention to the sport band and wondered if this took an annoyingly long time to dry if you even noticed.

  4. Adlina Abdul Rahim says:

    Is that a gold aluminum watch? I couldn't deduce from the color contrast.

  5. JasboW says:

    Thanks Josh. Pretty good punchy review! I have the navy band and love. Also got a braided eBay copy and surprised how good and close to the feel this band is at around a tenth of the price incl. delivery. Agree the braided bans are very very comfortable.

  6. Jens Thestrup Toft says:

    Excellent video. Thanks. Any idea why the brands don't fill out the slots on the watch properly (as you said)? Is it somehow to protect against abrasions around that area?

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