Apple Watch Microphone Repair

Find out how to Restore the Microphone on an apple watch. All bodily parts in electronics can fail over time and the apple watch is not exempt, nonetheless changing parts in apple watches can show difficult and wishes a large amount of consideration to element. This Video was made to display that it’s attainable to repair the microphones in apple watches however it is not a information for accomplish the restore. A extra in-depth video will likely be obtainable in my Apple watch restore course on my web site at the place I even have dozens of different academic movies cowl all apple watch collection.


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12 thoughts on “Apple Watch Microphone Repair

  1. 3hitbye says:

    i didn’t know mics can fail on AW?
    Seems like they seem alright for quality
    only thing that breaks usually is screen due to User fault & one occasion of Apple messing up quality on the S2 or S3 or original S1 i cant remember

    edit: can you elaborate on all the reasons it fails? you said there are other reasons

    so i can be informed

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