Apple Watch: why it's (actually very) useful

On this video, I am gonna let you know a bunch of causes on why the Apple Watch may be very helpful.

Tons of individuals purchase an Apple Watch and never figuring out what to do with it, so I needed to let you know all of the hidden and major options to take full potential that it has. I at present personal the Apple Watch Collection 6 and we go over one of the best helpful options resembling paying with Apple Pay, the significance of notifications and watch ch faces, utilizing mobile, switching Apple Watch bands, calendar and a lot extra.

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Apple Watch band assortment video:

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36 thoughts on “Apple Watch: why it's (actually very) useful

  1. Nathan Umipig says:

    I have the appple watch series 3 and it still runs very well still holding very well I think ima change apple watch’s when the series 8 or 9 or even Series X comes out.

  2. realchimera says:

    This guy is a moron. What is don't want to take out expensive beautiful iphone? iphone is a street phone. What a waste of 5 minutes on a video which provides little information.

  3. Sergi Ouh says:

    Just a quick note: while washing hands, keep the water switch off. These is the procedure. Water only a little at the beginning, and at the end to remove everything.

  4. Walker Firmin says:

    I guess I dont really know what I expect it to do but the Apple watch doesnt really impress me enough to buy it. I like that it has GPS navigation but that is just about the only real world use I can imagine using.

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