Aromatherapy diffusers: physical and mental well-being! Perfect Christmas gift, idea, office!

Aromatherapy diffusers: physical and mental well-being! Perfect Christmas gift, idea, office!


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A very useful gift, even in anticipation of ­čî▓Christmas!

Do you feel stressed­čś░? Do you need an energy jolt?

Do not resort to drugs over drugs, use completely natural methods such as diffusers for aromatherapy­čą░.

What is aromatherapy­čĄö?
A completely natural treatment based on the use of essential oils to treat both physical and mental ailments. And thanks to the aromatherapy diffusers you could spread the different types of essences in your home environment according to your needs.

We are talking about the two most effective, deliberately leaving out the classic stick diffusers.

Ultrasound essence diffuser: transmits the aroma faster thanks to an electric operation. In this case, the electric diffuser does not need to heat the water, so it keeps the properties of the essences intact. It is also the safest model.

Burns essences: it does not use electricity to diffuse essences. You just have to light the appropriate candle. In this case, the water is heated and this can alter the beneficial properties of the essential oils. Aesthetically they are among the most beautiful models but also among the least safe.

Diffuser aromatherapy: properties

Depending on the oil used, the well-being will be different.
For example, mint is considered an essence capable of stimulating learning so it is ideal for those who study or have to learn something regardless of school.

For those suffering from insomnia, lavender oil that helps sleep could be perfect. So it also has a calming effect, just like lemon essence. For a more aphrodisiac situation, Ylang Ylang essential oil is recommended.

Rosemary is an essence that is able to relieve nervousness and calm anxiety. Among other things, it is also considered an excellent oil to help memory. So, it might be handy once again for a student.

If your work environment is full of hatred and nervousness, the blend of grapefruit and lavender is considered an excellent “relaxing” to try to calm the spirits.
Eucalyptus, on the other hand, is ideal for combating flu symptoms.