Best Apple watch band ??? it depends on the needs

One of the strengths of the is certainly the ability to change the strap in a short time thanks to the intelligent locking and unlocking system (like changing the strap).

In this way, it is possible to have a different every day, also thanks to the numerous customization options of the dial, some of these even allow you to coordinate the color of the background and of the hands like that of the strap.
One of the most appreciated by our customers is the Milanese Loop, elegant, nice, and not trivial! ….. but …









Well, ’s Milanese Loop is extremely beautiful. The elegant design created in Milan at the end of the nineteenth century paved the way for a new category of links, for luxury and non-luxury straps and bracelets.
It is certainly very impactful thanks to the knitting, made with special machines, which give an extraordinary brilliance. Another great advantage my friend, is the possibility, thanks to the powerful magnet, to adjust it at any point, and in fact, it makes it perfect for every wrist! … it is still a breathable strap (thanks to the small holes on the strap) and steel, hypoallergenic to almost all.
In short, it would seem a perfect belt, right? .. but in the title, we put a but…
Our friend in question also has some defects …

It loosens up throughout the day.
The Milanese knit loop is easily adjustable because it is entirely magnetic, but like most straps that use this lacing system, it tends to loosen during the day, and so you are forced to adjust it, especially after physical activity.


milanese loop for apple watch

  1. It is not very sporty.
    Stainless steel is definitely not a comfortable material, and so the Milanese knit loop is certainly not ideal to wear during training or any other sporting activity, also due to the fact that it tends to loosen. In these cases, it is much better to use a liquid silicone sports (the latest fashion).
  2.  It must be added that those with a “hairy” arm could run into the annoying problem of hairs getting entangled in the dense links of the strap, and the consequent “waxing effect” when the watch is unfastened from the wrist.

To conclude …

The Milanese steel loop offers a number of advantages. The first is certainly that with time it does not discolor or stain like those in ; it is resistant to scratches and is not subject to deformation, all qualities that certainly make it the most durable strap among those currently available for the .

  • Also, compared to straps you can wear them when taking a shower and you don’t have to be careful not to get them wet when washing your hands.
  • Finally, thanks to its mesh design, the Milanese knit loop promotes breathability, qualities that fluoroelastomer and leather straps offer less.
  • The Milanese knit Loop has numerous strengths and weaknesses as do all the other straps, and therefore some compromises have to be accepted. For example, when you go to the gym it’s best to wear a silicone or fabric one.
  • Cons: it tends to loosen during the day, tends to hook onto the sleeves of sweaters, even pulls a few threads.

The fact remains that it cannot be a belt not to have, it ‘s perfect for elegant evenings, and replaced in a matter of seconds!😉
Thanks for reading us so far.❤️