Can Smartwatches Replace Phones? – I Tried for 7 Days

LTE Smartwatches have gotten extra out there, and I typically questioned what they might actually do. Can a smartwatch exchange your cellphone? To reply my questions, I bought a mobile plan for my Sequence 6 and changed my cellphone for 7 .

Throughout this week, I used to be not allowed to make use of my cellphone in any respect. There have been loads of each day duties I did higher than ever, however a couple of main limitations I didn’t anticipate.

On this video, I’ll share my expertise of changing my cellphone with an LTE for 7 . I’ll discuss what labored, what did not work, and the professionals and cons of changing your cellphone with a smartwatch. Some could exchange their cellphone altogether however I assume most would simply exchange their cellphone for a day or night whereas carrying pants with out pockets, going for a run, or doing a social media detox.

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Lighter pockets was wonderful
Felt very free, however didn’t have any FOMO
No distractions and was due to this fact extra productive
I used to be in a position to verify social media on my laptop computer, so I didn’t miss something, however it was extra deliberate so I solely checked it a couple of times a day
Usually instances we use our telephones as a crutch. In socially troublesome conditions like elevators, Uber rides, and so forth.
Compelled to speak to individuals in doubtlessly awkward conditions (no cellphone crutch)

Authenticator apps
Calls have been simple and sounded pure. AirPods made that even higher
Audiobooks, podcasts, and extra
Apple Pay
I didn’t want to hold my pockets or my cellphone in my pocket
Quickly IDs can be in Apple Pockets too
The very best solution to interface with the watch
Navigation form of labored, however was not the most effective

This isn’t low cost. Most plans price a further $10 monthly so as to add an and you may’t use any of a budget plans both. Usually, you’ll want a plan from one of many costly behemoths like ATT, Verizon, and TMobile. The mobile watch can also be round $500
Received rejected by ATT as a result of my handle
Tremendous annoying to arrange – 2 hrs with TMobile
Some apps weren’t initially on my watch, like WhatsApp. I may learn and reply to notifications however I wanted to get the app to see extra
Getting apps was annoying (typing in password)
Can be good to have biometrics
Loud environments made it tough to do any siri or voice typing
Battery life is the following…


how one can use with out iphone


41 thoughts on “Can Smartwatches Replace Phones? – I Tried for 7 Days

  1. Lisa Maren Stein says:

    I have considered the Apple watch, but I always have pockets when I go outside to exercise and my iPhone 7 is not a hassle at all to take with me. Plus, I feel really uncomfortable with the idea of replying to texts with my voice in public, as those conversations are private and walking down the street on your phone is a jerk move. I could wait until I get home to reply, but I can also simply pull out my iPhone (after looking around to make sure it's safe) and quietly type a quick response. Maybe one day, when the Apple watch is better, I might be interested, but for now… it's just not compelling enough to buy one more device that comes with planned obsolescence. Great vid!

  2. ruben gianoni says:

    Great video, could you do de same with an Galaxy Watch, thank you.

  3. Gren says:

    Totally agree wit you having tried it myself. The easy – half way – option is to get a non-LTE watch and just BT that to your phone.. leave your phone in a pocket or rocksack and it cures that constant distraction/checking habbit, without the extra contract costs.

  4. chill6789 says:

    I tried that for a couple of days
    I got tired of talking to my watch or trying to write a message
    The screen is too small IMO

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