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The ULTIMATE guide to liquid silicone bands (2021) and how to clean them easily

The ULTIMATE guide to liquid silicone bands (2021) and how to clean them easily clarification on the liquid silicone belts, we did a bit of research and created this quick post, on the type of material and its cleaning… Liquid silicone is the evolution of normal silicone, which over time has essentially been improved, it […]

4 practical straps bands for Samsung 2021

Samsung smartwatches

Samsung’s new smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic bring home many new changes. Although Samsung switched to WearOS from Google, it still retained the original look and design of the watches. And like its predecessors, the bands can easily be replaced by another. All you have to do is pull back […]

How to Pick the Perfect Phone Case (2021)

Creative Phone Case for iPhone 11 Cute Transparent Pill Villain Full Cover Soft Case for iPhone XS MAX Silicone Phone Case 2

How many of us are afraid of ruining our inseparable friend😱? …   By now the phone protection covers have become a MUST HAVE. It ranges from the simplest to the most elaborate, with hard stones, liquids that create games, LEDs, where among other things they are depopulating in China and Japan, colored in short, […]

The hottest Christmas hoodies 2021 – Ranboo, Japanese, Frog, Cat

Big, small, hooded, multicolored, with designs …     Anything as long as they are trendy among young people. It’s the hoodies !! Which have been going crazy for years especially among young people, given their great comfort and versatility. They were born in the 80s, worn mainly by American rappers, and from there they […]

Black Friday – Offers, Deals, discounts and flyers

black friday sale

Black Friday – Offers, Deals discounts and flyers Black Friday occurs every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which is a typical American holiday. So when does Black Friday 2021 start? There are two dates to note: November 26, 2021 is Black Friday. The following Monday, November 29, is instead known as Cyber Monday. […]