Cigar boxes Humidor : a world you probably don’t know…

Cigar boxes are containers that have multiple functions.

cigar box

If from a certain point of view those who love cigars want to keep them in a casket that is beautiful to behold, they also want to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.

This second characteristic of cigar boxes is what commonly passes under the term Humidor. Its function is decisive and over time it makes the difference in the quality of the preserved cigars, as it alters the flavor of the smoke.

All cigar boxes are humidors, or at least they should be. They consist of a wooden casing (there are also metal cigar boxes), they have a hygrometer and a humidifier.
The hygrometer is a moisture meter, and sometimes also the internal temperature.

The humidifier ensures that the presence of humidity is constantly fed.
In order to supply continuous humidity, in a constant and controlled way, a condition of continuous evaporation and diffusion of distilled water will be determined, which is purposely replenished, periodically.

If we were to indicate what to keep an eye on between humidity and temperature, we would certainly have to say humidity. The average level is around 70%, the ideal temperature is 18 degrees. To get a good result, you move within a range of values.

What really matters is avoiding severe temperature changes, as this damages the flavor of the cigar.

This simple note makes it clear why choosing a nice cigar box is important to always keep it in the same room. In a beautiful position and without the need to take it out of a closed place.


How to start a humidor for cigar boxes?

When buying a cigar box, the lucky owner is dying to fill it with his precious cigars right away. Why shouldn’t he do it? This is a common mistake, and why is quite simple.

The cigar box you just bought does not have a humidity level suitable for cigar storage. It is necessary to start up the humidor which consists in putting a glass of distilled water inside and waiting for the humidity to be generated at the right level.

How long does it take to put the cigars inside? It involves waiting for 72 hours to get to the right seasoning. Otherwise, the moisture is absorbed from the external environment and subsequently by the cigar which will become dry and therefore bitter to smoke.

Humidifiers keep tobacco bacteria away. This is a good reason to choose one completely clad in Spanish cedar. The best cigars are preserved in cedar sheets before being sold precisely to preserve their conditions as much as possible.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the cigar ages over time, which is why a good humidor has great value and it is better to choose it wisely.