Compatible with apple iPhone Case for among us

Tired of ordinary phone cases? Want to show your favorite character on the phone case? Come to try our latest colorful glowing LED phone case. WOW!!!!

1. The unique luminous design and premium print

Each LED phone case is a unique masterpiece. The LED phone case adopts a unique luminous design and premium printing technology, the appearance is very fashionable, and the design on the phone case is your favorite character.

2. Smart voice-activated glowing LED phone case

Newly upgraded technology, the LED phone case has a built-in sensor circuit board, and the flash rhythm is adjusted according to the phone music or message push sound. When you listen to the music, the backlight will flash according to the music rhythm, it is very cool than the other phone case.


3. Low power consumption

Intelligent control chip, super energy-saving LED, very low power consumption, the LED phone case doesn’t affect the battery life.



4. Anti-fall design

The LED phone case is made of TPU and 9H hardness glass, the soft frame and reinforced edges can protect your phone.

5. Best gift!

It is a perfect gift to give to a friend as a present on special occasions!

6. How can the LED phone case glow-up?

Insert the connector of the LED phone case into the phone charging port, then the LED phone case will glow in the following situations:

  •  the screen of the mobile phone is on
  •  music is played
  • incoming call
  •  message push


Check from HERE if it is not yet sold out