Final Review braided solo loop strap for Apple watch series 7

Braided strap solo loop!

Solo braided loop is the novelty of winter 2021 and it will also be for 2022.

  • Its main strength is a strap that is attentive to the planet, in fact, they are made of recycled polyester and silicone fibers, there are over 10,000 braided threads! A nice thing for productive recycling.
  • It is an objectively very comfortable belt, it can be slipped on and off in the blink of an eye, it is very convenient if you do housework or more manual jobs, we tested it in a natural context, where we, therefore, needed to have full control of the hands, and on occasions where it was taken off, it proved to be really comfortable.
  • The blue, black, and gray color of the strap under test is very beautiful.
  • It resists water and dries in a short time, it is ideal for those who practice sports of various kinds, also here is another point in favor we have put it under running water and thanks to its fibers, it dries in a short time!
  • It is elegant at the same time and overall very well made, it is available in many colors, it fits perfectly on the new Apple Watch7 and is equipped with steel connectors, a nice overall result. The price is also excellent and is sold from $ 13 upwards.
    To conclude, it is certainly a strap to be recommended for its great versatility. Thank you for reading!