​Fitbit overhauls sleep tracking with new Sleep Profiles

Fitbit is overhauling its sleep monitoring, with a raft of recent options and evaluation.

It’s launching a brand new Sleep Profiles function (completely for Premium customers) that goals to personalize and adapt your sleep monitoring to make it extra helpful.

The corporate has analysed 1.87 million sleep logs from its 22 billion hours of collated sleep knowledge since 2009 to try to add context to your slumber.

Earlier than you get the juicy stuff, the function first must clock up 14 sleeps, to establish your regular patterns and begin the evaluation. T.’s some new metrics at play, so even in the event you’re already utilizing your Fitbit nightly, you’ll nonetheless have to set a brand new baseline.

The brand new Fitbit Sleep Profiles leverages sleep schedule variability, time earlier than sound sleep and disrupted sleep for the primary time, increasing the quantity of metrics captured by the app.

It additionally components in present metrics corresponding to sleep period, restfulness and REM sleep.

Once you’ve established your baselines you get your Sleep Profile.

Fitbit overhauls sleep tracking with Sleep Profiles and animals

This contains assigning you a sleep animal, the traits of which relate to your personal sleep habits and circadian rhythms – the pure cycles that lead us to sleep. That is a longtime concept generally known as chronotypes, and we’ve seen this implementation earlier than in wearables, on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Fitbit is utilizing barely totally different animals, however the concept is similar.

The animals embrace a hedgehog (nocturnal kind), giraffe (quick sleeper), tortoise (lengthy instances in mattress) or parrot (fast to go to sleep), bear (consistant sleeper) and dolphin (stressed).

The concept of utilizing the sleep animal is to assist perceive your personal sleep habits and traits – and these can change as your sleep adapts.

However customers can even obtain a month-to-month sleep report, with detailed breakdowns of the brand new sleep schedule variability, time earlier than sound sleep and disrupted sleep metrics.

It’s an excellent deeper have a look at your sleep than Fitbit already gives, and its monitoring is already a number of the finest within the enterprise. In fact, the purpose is to advertise higher habits and impact optimistic change – and it stays to be seen how efficient this may be.

Renewed deal with sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring has been a staple of health monitoring – and the Fitbit expertise – from the outset of wearables. And it’s nonetheless one of the crucial used options of wearables.

We’ve seen Apple enhance its primary sleep monitoring in watchOS 9, and wearables corresponding to Whoop 4.0 and Oura 3 deal with relaxation – and the impact it has on our our bodies.

The conundrum has all the time been how wearables can go from monitoring sleep to effecting change.

And whereas we’ve seen the emergence of sleep phases, sleep respiration, restlessness and night-time coronary heart fee, questions nonetheless stay about how helpful sleep monitoring may be.