For iPhone, the revolutionary cover you don’t expect.

For iPhone, the revolutionary cover you don’t expect.

For iPhone Wheat Straw Biodegradable Cover. 6

The small green revolution can also be seen on other fronts, we of the STONCA team, want to introduce the new completely biodegradable cover, for iPhone.

The idea starts from the reuse of wheat grains not suitable for human consumption, and suitably treated and compacted with biological adhesives and cooked in suitable ovens at high temperatures, giving life to this new series of covers.

For iPhone Wheat Straw Biodegradable Cover.

After research, it has been noticed that the average life of a smartphone is around 3 years, and the covers have an even more limited life… and from here the idea initially started from Canada and then expanded all over the world to create covers that can be disposed of completely.

Furthermore, this type of suitably treated material offers excellent resistance to falls and good flexibility.

Thanks to the minimum thickness they can be refilled on conduction bases.
The covers that we have in collaboration also offer additional shapes that further protect the rear cameras and the front of the phone.

They are also available in many colors and for various iPhone models.

front protection

rear camera protection

They are offered at a very attractive price of $ 12.99!
In short, they have all the credentials to start a small organic revolution!

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