How do I decorate your house, with a few ideas!

How do I decorate your house, with a few ideas and with a budget of $50😉!

decorate your house with a few ideas

A few posts ago we talked about how to decorate the outside of the house and some small rules and ideas to give guests the warmth of the Christmas period, here you can find the post😊.

In this instead, we talk about how to give a festive air with a few simple ideas. Let’s get started right away!

Immediately after the entrance of the guests, it is a good idea to take their coats or over clothes and put them either in a wardrobe or on a hanger, it is nice to have the entrance and the general room well lit, to make them feel immediately “at home” if you have a small table at the entrance it is a great idea to put a small decoration on it, here you will find some ideas, or just take a nice vase and put inside some colored dried flowers and maybe wrapped in a nice green ribbon or red. For the table, we will do a separate post given its importance, but let’s move nearby and talk about the sofa and the armchairs, if you want to give a Christmas touch you can put them on themed cushions, here an example or even this, or put colored ribbons on the armrests, there are many, a simple economic and impactful idea. If you have the possibility, even the decorative indoor lights such as these, placed on bookcases, those who have luck above fireplaces, or even on shelves give that always very pleasant light effect. It is always very important to create a bright and welcoming environment for children, grandchildren, friends … also wanting to scatter in the room but also in the areas that will be used by guests at parties, some simple decoration, decorated fir branches, some simple ideas here, or with little Santa Clauses like these, or even a beautiful essence with pine scent, or white musk in the bathroom that will be used by the guests. It would be a good idea to put guest towels always in the Christmas theme.

Another idea that we really like and that we also adopt is to put some Christmas packages (clearly empty😉, or with some chocolates) here and there, the ideal is in the bookcase, or on the TV cabinets … We have set up the room where enjoy a splendid dinner and the parties in common, this Christmas 2021 the important thing is not to overdo it, just a few ideas and a few small tricks are enough for a home that in that period gives love❤️ and warmth🥰!

See you next post!