How Much Do You Know about Apple Watch Pulse Oximeter?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Apple Watch Pulse Oximeter?

°Apple Watch oximeter 7.

The pulse oximeter, in the meantime, what does it do? Quickly, is a device that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood through an optical sensor. It has been selling like hotcakes especially since the Global Pandemic in 2019 (Covid-19) entered. But how reliable is the oximeter supplied on Apple Wacth7? We compared it to a traditional oximeter, recommended by a blood specialist, with a cost of about $ 30. Meanwhile, the apple watch7 scans for about 15 seconds and finally gives a percentage result. The traditional oximeter, on the other hand, measures for as long as you want. In the end, this is the result…
apple watch7 vs saturimeter

°The result!

What about the response is very close to the oximeter under test 98%. So on balance, maybe it’s not exactly cheap, but since it’s included in the watch, we can say that the response is more than correct! It must be said that Apple Watch scans autonomously several times a day and therefore in the Health application you can see the results of the various measurements.two oxygen measurements

°Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor.

Since our oximeter had heart rate measurement, we took the opportunity to compare it with the Apple Watch7 meter. This function, on the other hand, also checks several times in the day. The final result of a comparison is that the measurement of both devices was about the same about 70 bpm.
Our comparison can be said that it is more than satisfactory, Apple watch is equipped with optical sensors of excellent quality. Another exceptional function is the possibility of being notified if the heartbeat sensor detects disturbing variations within 10 minutes, giving a warning on the display. Apple writes that it cannot detect heart attacks, but atrial fibrillation does. Still very useful!

traditional saturimeterapple watch heart rate

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