How to Clean Apple A1048 Keyboard – Teardown & Cleaning

I discovered the Apple Keyboard A1048 fairly soiled so I believed it is time to clear it. This Apple Keyboard is very nice so long as it is clear. Being white and clear, it will get soiled very simply and appears horrible.

Marvel find out how to clear the Apple Keyboard? That is how I did it.

After tear down, the Apple Keyboard is clear.

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5 thoughts on “How to Clean Apple A1048 Keyboard – Teardown & Cleaning

  1. Webmistress360 says:

    THANKS for a super clear and carefully detailed video 🙏🏽. Question: with what you cleaned the case, and how and with what can I clean the circuit board?

  2. Studiodorg says:

    Thanks so much for this video and the meticulous step-by-step guide. It gave me the courage to clean one my old A1048 keyboards. Just finished the first keyboard, one more to go…

  3. Frank Hernandez says:

    Great guide for such a process for cleaning a long beloved computer accessory. Especially one which supplies 2 extra USB connections, regardless if they are not made for charging. I came to this video in search of how to quiet such large buttons considering how the more recent keyboards (wireless or not) do not make as much noise when typing. Is this simply because the size of the buttons? Or would such a clean help quiet typing process? Maintaining simple cleaning of the buttons alone have not helped me to achieve less noice when typing. So before purchasing a newer keyboard, loving the USB ports on this model, should this cleaning help quiet the typing of this keyboard model?

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