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Immediately I head over to Magic Kingdom to check out the model new Disney Magic Cell Go. This revolutionary new expertise lets you use your smartphone or machine as a substitute of a bodily park ticket or magic band! I needed to strive it out to see if it might probably actually change the magic band. I discovered that it really works flawlessly for getting into the parks and wherever else that has bodily contact factors. The one points that I discovered got here when you must see a solid member that’s utilizing an Ipad or Iphone. They’re at present experiencing points with that platform. Because of this I might extremely suggest you carry the bodily ticket with you as effectively simply in case. I really like Disney Magic Cell Go and can’t wait to put it to use extra within the parks!!!

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use apple watch as magic band

32 thoughts on “How to Use Disney Magic Mobile Pass! | Can magic mobile

  1. David Monk says:

    Not sure how I feel about this. If you have an Apple Watch (I do) you’re not inconvenienced at all. Your watch is your magic band. But, if you don’t, you must use your phone. Which is okay, most of the time unless you’re going to the pool or somewhere you don’t want to bring you’re phone. Also, imagine a large family with several kids. They now MUST provide their kid with a watch or a phone. Or, buy a magic band. Pretty sweet if you’re Apple I guess. I’m always concerned when Disney takes more steps toward making a dream vacation unreachable for middle and lower income families. Thank you for the demo!

  2. J H says:

    I have mixed feelings on this. But first good video and very informative. I like the convenience of having a magic band on the wrist. I think I will be one of those for now that will stick with the magic band. Plus an all day experience can wear the phone down and you may have to recharge someway by plugging in or portable charger. But I am open to try it but man I like those magic bands! Now on the lighter side I am jealous of the warm weather. Today I woke up to 21 degrees and it is currently 35 and cold wind. Appreciate the work you put in to this and am waiting for the next one.

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