Is it safe to leave your Apple Watch charging overnight?

For Apple Watch house owners, every day charging of the gadget is a given. Whereas Apple goals for 18 hours of battery life per cost, the watch will possible spend a portion of the day on its charging cradle. However when you don’t have the time in the course of the day to babysit your Apple Watch, are you able to cost it in a single day? Is that this protected? We reply all these particular questions regarding in a single day Apple Watch charging under.


You may cost your Apple Watch in a single day. By design, the Apple Watch quick expenses from 0—80%, however trickle expenses from 80—100%. The Apple Watch Collection 7 expenses a lot quicker than its siblings, so in a single day charging will not be your solely choice.

Are you able to cost the Apple Watch in a single day?

The quick reply is sure. Apple itself acknowledges which you can cost the Apple Watch in a single day. The gadget quick expenses from 0—80%, however trickle expenses between 80—100%. Nonetheless unconvinced? The corporate has included a Nightstand Mode, which turns the charging Apple Watch right into a bedside alarm clock however solely when linked to its charger.

We must always point out that whilst you can cost the Apple Watch in a single day, t. are a number of causes you may not wish to do that. In case you use the Apple Watch to observe your sleep, you’ll need the gadget in your wrist slightly than its charging cradle at evening. On this case, it’s greatest to cost the watch whilst you bathe, binge a TV sequence, or carry out different mundane duties. Fortunately, Apple has improved the Collection 7 mannequin’s charging pace, chopping its time from 0—80% to 45 minutes. This enchancment makes in a single day charging an choice slightly than a necessity.

No matter how you utilize your Apple Watch, the battery life will deplete ever so barely after each charging cycle. Apple defines this charging cycle as each 100% battery capability discharged. T.’s no indication from Apple that charging in a single day impacts battery well being.

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Q: Can I overcharge the Apple Watch if I depart it on the charger?
A: No. You can’t overcharge the Apple Watch, even when you depart it on its charging cradle.

Q: My Apple Watch and charger get heat whereas charging. Is t. one thing fallacious?
A: No. Apple notes that just a little warmth build-up is regular whereas the Watch is charging.

Q: How do I activate Nightstand Mode on my Apple Watch?
A: Head to the Settings app in your Watch, then choose Normal > Nightstand Mode.

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