Let’s talk about the EVA material!

Let’s talk about this fantastic and useful material the EVA!

Several of you wrote to us to ask for some more information and so we did some research and created this post. Without writing a book;) this material is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam is essentially a polyethylene-based plastic material.
It is obtained through a process of co-polymerization of Ethylene with Vinyl Acetate, hence the name EVA. EVA is a chemically expanded cross-linked material, whose completely closed cell structure guarantees complete impermeability to water, as well as the well-known thermal insulation characteristics.

It is a material with a very low weldability temperature but at the same time guarantees a strong elasticity and a high softness. These characteristics, combined with the cheerful colors present on the market today, make this material simply defined as “EVA” a material particularly appreciated even for the little ones as it is non-toxic. We hope this little bit was useful to you, a greeting from all the STONCA staff.