Meet the Gameboy iPhone Case That Plays Super Mario,Tetris, Among us

The new fashion in terms of covers arrives overseas, China and Japan, they are launching new interactive covers that will soon land in the USA and in the rest of the world.

At Stonca, always attentive to news, we have had the opportunity to test them and understand their usefulness.

Let’s say that first of all they do not lose their mobile phone protection function, they are very resistant, they have the convenience of having the socket that can be inserted directly into the phone and therefore they are powered by its battery. Some reproduce very famous video games in the 90s, such as Tetris, Supermario, among us and many others ..

There are over 30 games available! Other covers, on the other hand, work with LED lights, and create a play of light, almost always combined with a call or other.

They are very popular among young people who do not waste time in showing them off. On our site you have the opportunity to buy them and get free shipping! So you just have to choose whether to prefer one with built-in games or a bright one! 😜

Check from HERE if they are sold out