November is MOVEMBER month!

In the meantime, what is the Movember movement? A non-profit association, which helps through fundraising to fight prostate and tissue cancers.

The movement now has more than 5 million members .. a good record if you think that in 2003 they started with 30 people. As a sign of recognition, men grow a mustache as a sign of respect.🥸


We at STONCA too join the movement by doing something concrete. Throughout the month of NOVEMBER on all items sold, 10% will go to the Movember USA charity!
The site will also have a product stamp to remind you of this!


So let’s make a mustache grow🥸 and Movember on !! Why not start now? Below are some small tips to start the fundraiser:


Christmas will come in a few months, why not start adding small decorations to your home that will make your Christmas happy?

Do you have a birthday coming up? why not anticipate with some decorations that will bring joy to your birthday or the birthday of a person you love?