Montessori Wooden Puzzle 3D Intelligence


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6 pieces6 pieces
Big gemBig gem
Big pineappleBig pineapple
Color EighteenColor Eighteen
Fourteen colorFourteen color
Kong MingsuoKong Mingsuo
Lilac flowersLilac flowers
Look backLook back
Luban BallLuban Ball
Nine passNine pass
Octagonal lockOctagonal lock
Plum lockPlum lock
Small nine passSmall nine pass
Space ballSpace ball
Swinging TailSwinging Tail
Take the red ballTake the red ball
Take treasureTake treasure
Thirteen SistersThirteen Sisters
Three lockThree lock
Twenty four locksTwenty four locks
Two-color EighteenTwo-color Eighteen
Wooden cageWooden cage