Sneaker a friend for your feet – Every sneaker has a story

We know the autumn is approaching again, and the pleasure of dressing more is back, the trend that is catching on, and it is appropriate to say it, Luxury sneaker have already been for a while! Sneakers are popular, especially among young people.

Comfortable and Fashionable, they are now worn by everyone, and have proved to be excellent alternatives as an everyday shoe and also suitable for a more elegant evening as long as combined with more elegant trousers and a shirt! The 1936 Olympics held in Berlin were a catalyst for popular sneakers in the rest of the world, so they’ve been around for quite some time. For about several years the more massive ones have depopulated, with bright colors, imposing soles.

We at Stonca, always attentive to the latest trends, are pleased to offer a brand new selection of exclusive Sneakers, and certainly more particular than those on the market, all are made giving maximum comfort to the foot and stability, some models are also made with recycled materials and are available in many colors! Visit our dedicated section and choose the one you like best, to start off on the right foot😉!

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