The ULTIMATE guide to liquid silicone bands (2021) and how to clean them easily

The ULTIMATE guide to liquid silicone bands (2021) and how to clean them easily

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clarification on the liquid silicone belts, we did a bit of research and created this quick post, on the type of material and its cleaning…

Liquid silicone is the evolution of normal silicone, which over time has essentially been improved, it is a synthetic elastic material, which has different properties, such as resistance to abrasion and impact, to water, and at any temperature.

Most of the brands specialized in the production of watches also offer those with silicone straps, in different models and with particular designs, much appreciated by those who like to dress in a casual and sporty way.

The main qualities that have led to the success of these articles are the perfect adaptability to the wrist, the lightness, and their ability to be comfortable, in fact, they do not leave marks and do not tighten. They are also hypoallergenic, do not contain elements that could cause allergies or irritation, and can be worn by anyone and everywhere.

Among the other features of the silicone straps is the possibility of being able to wash them. In case of normal dirt to clean them it is sufficient to wet a sponge with water and neutral soap, pass it on the surface, rinse, even under the tap, and dry.

If they have persistent stains, a brush or even a toothbrush can be used, be gently rubbed on the part to be treated, after leaving the strap to soak for a few minutes. As an alternative to neutral soap, in case of stubborn dirt, ammonia, diluted with water, can also be used.

In order not to damage the watch or bracelet, it is best to avoid bleach, which would cause the strap to lose its shine or other detergents or very abrasive substances that could affect the aesthetic qualities of the silicone.