Top Reasons Why People Love Apple Watch 7.

Top Reasons Why People Love Apple Watch 7.

The latest to be released at Apple is the brand new and advanced Apple Warch7, a concentration of technology with an eye to physical health.

There is a lot to talk about, we will mention the most important aspects for us.
We’ve been lucky enough to try the different models and use the Apple watch for over 3 months, so let’s get started.
Case sizes 41mm and 45mm in different materials, we love the aluminum case, very resistant and light and more comfortable than the steel one for example.

apple watch 41mm and 45mm

Watch App.

The application dedicated to the clock is integrated on apple devices, on the home page there is the possibility to change the dials, put complications, colors, and much more very simple but we deliberately leave out this application as we will make a post dedicated to this very useful application.

Let’s move on to the clock …

Oled screen.

vital function on apple watch 7

The dial can be seen very well, it is detailed in every detail, thanks to its on-cell OLED touch screen, it means that the touch screen sensor is integrated into the main display panel, you can change it by holding down the screen for a few seconds and you enter the “edit” function where you can choose, colors, complications, themes, photos … and you can even share them via messages and emails! You can create many dials and use them for various situations, one created for sport, one more elegant, one more colorful, and so on.

  • The vital functions are certainly the most interesting, the heartbeat meter, the current one is measured, at rest, that during walking and that during sports activity, including recovery after activity. Furthermore, by default, values ​​are set where you are warned if the measurement is above certain values ​​for 10 minutes or below certain values ​​always for 10 minutes. Very useful, it must be said that Apple always writes that Apple Watch does not prevent the onset of a heart watch heart rate
  • Another very useful function already present from series 4 onwards is the electrocardiogram, able to detect atrial fibrillation, through a sensor under the clock and one on the digital wheel, you follow the simple rules of the application and in 30 seconds you have a diagram that is sent in the form of a PDF on the phone health application and also wanting to send it to the doctor. After the first indecisions at its debut, it can be said that the electrocardiogram running apple watch has detected 98.3% of correct fibrillation classifications and 99.6% of correct sinus reading, or the regular heartbeat. Here, too, Apple reminds us that it cannot determine the onset of a heart attack but here, you can read the many owners who have had help from their apple watch!
  • Another very important function is the detection of oxygen, this system, unfortunately, sold like hotcakes with the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. Apple has equipped the watch with a sensor that detects the amount of oxygen present in the blood in about 15 seconds. This is also very useful. These functions, electrocardiogram aside, also work in the background, randomly recording the activity of the heart and oxygen, to have always updated data.
    1. Hands washing, is a 20-sec countdown as taught by the OMS, which starts automatically when the apple watch detects the circular movement of the hands.
    2. “Noise” function
      Very quickly, the microphone that listens to external noises and transforms them into a decibel scale, the interesting thing is the levels that change color depending on the intensity, green, yellow, red the smartwatch also gives information on the various noise exposures.
    3. “Cycle” function
      Flow information can be added and symptoms such as headaches and cramps recorded. Using the information entered, the [Cycle Tracking] application can notify you when it expects your next period or fertility period is about to begin. The app can also use heart rate data from Apple Watch to improve predictions.
      And these are truly very useful options to have!
  • “Find devices” function.

    Very useful if you share data with your family or friends, the devices are traceable, including directions to navigate to them. “Play” option, the affected device generates a sound and is therefore traceable, as long as it is connected to a wi-fi line or Bluetooth. Similar is the function

  • “Find people”

    the same thing, devices connected to a network are identified, again with the possibility of being reached. I find it very useful and I will tell you my personal experience … I had to reach my wife who was not feeling well, after trying to contact her several times, I had the idea of ​​connecting with “find people” and I reached her … a nice thought if there is a sudden emergency!
    It is also possible to answer calls or make phone calls, the audio is more than discreet!

  • “Home” function.

    It allows you to connect home automation via an iPad or integrated systems, and control them via Apple Watch with this application.

  • “Walkie talkie” function.

    This is also very useful, it turns your watch into a fast walkie-talkie, it hooks up to your phone or wifi network and it’s immediate. You must use an email for this option, the phone number does not work.walkie talkie function

Apple Watch 7 also has a compass, already present on other models, it is worth mentioning the “Add bearing” function, it stops the position when you push this function, useful for always maintaining the initial reference, here we also find the altimeter.

Apple Watch also has all the other classic functions, alarm clock, weather, calculator, countdown and stopwatch, contacts directory where we deliberately leave out in order not to be too long, plus all the others that can be customized and duplicated from the phone.

Among the smartwatches tested, the apple watch is still ahead, it is a small jewel of technology, also it should be mentioned the possibility, to change the straps quickly!

Thanks for reading us so far!