Why The Apple Watch Ejects Water

When you’ve ever seen a blue water drop in your Apple Watch telling you to show the digital crown to unlock and eject water, then you definately’ve in all probability questioned why the function exists. Properly it’s known as water lock, and it’s unique to the Apple Watch because it’s designed for use whereas swimming and showering. However t. are some points with continually submerging an digital gadget below water.


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48 thoughts on “Why The Apple Watch Ejects Water

  1. Victor Davis says:

    You say it's an apple exclusive program yet samsung galaxy watches have it as well so something doesn't really add up and seems like false information.

  2. Corey Jack Chaffey says:

    So do you use shampoo and soap in the shower because I do that’s why I don’t wear my Apple Watch in the shower because I’m in there to get clean

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